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Linda M. Herkenhoff

National Remuneration (Pay) Preferences: Cultural Analysis Within the Hofstede Model Using Cultural Values to Untangle the Web of Global Pay

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ISBN: 1581121466
Издательство: Universal Publishers
Remuneration may be viewed as more than merely a cost in doing business. It may be used as a motivational tool to help achieve a multitude of strategic goals. Within the global context, effective use of this tool requires addressing not only motivational factors but also cultural factors. In this thesis, factors are considered within a multinational corporate framework and within a Cultural Remuneration Model. The model defines corporate culture, professional culture, national culture and individualcharacteristics as factors influencing employee values associated with remuneration preferences. A strategically aligned, motivated workforce may result when this type of remuneration analysis leads to the design of remuneration programs that take into account national culture influence.
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