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Stephen G. Haines, Katie McCoy

Sustaining High Performance: The Strategic Transformation to a Customer-Focused Learning Organization

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ISBN: 1884015557
Издательство: Saint Lucie Press
In an attempt to achieve high levels of growth, profit, and competitive advantage, American businesses have been implementing a variety of management initiatives, such as TQM, reengineering, service management, self-directed work teams, and empowerment. Too often, these initiatives, when implemented individually, fail or provide only short-term results. American industry is now realizing that no single initiative can provide an overall, long-term solution. A more comprehensive, integrated approach is necessary to sustain future success. Sustaining High Performance shows you how to develop and implement an integrative "systems-thinking" strategy that will ensure a successful long-term management plan.Sustaining High Performance will help you reinvent yourstrategic management system (planning and change) for the 21st century and give you the tools and information to pull ahead of the competition and become a powerhouse organization.