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C. Davis Fogg

Team-Based Strategic Planning: A Complete Guide to Structuring, Facilitating and Implementing the Process

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ISBN: 0814451276, 9780814451274
Издательство: American Management Association
How to structure, facilitate, and implement the process. Strategic planning is a critical part of running a business, but when you get a team of people together to plan, it can often become a confused exercise in grand visions without a clear processfor establishing workable goals. This book is unique in providing both guidance for the actual content of strategic plans and techniques for how to plan in a team context. Readers will discover how to: ? structure the process so it custom fits their company needs ? effectively facilitate the process (keep meetings on track, train others in planning skills, document decisions made at meetings, present and communicate the plan) ? use teams and teamwork smoothly and productively to create a far-reaching plan?and then to implement it Features detailed guidelines for each step, dozens of flowcharts, and three self-contained "facilitator?s guides" to follow.