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Amy Zuckerman, Amy Zuckerman

Tech Trending: A Visionary Guide to controlling your Technology Future

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ISBN: 1841121371, 9781841121376
Издательство: Capstone
In a Business World Driven by Technology Don?t Let you and Your Business Get Left Behind "This is a must read for today?s managers and technologists. It provides an understandable connection of the Internet, telecommunications, and computing technologies with the real world of business." Gerald Peterson, Member Board of Governors IEEE-SA, Past Chairman Standards Committee T1, Senior Manager Lucent Technologies - Bell Labs "In Tech Trending, Amy Zuckerman provides practical guidance to both those influencing technology and those still trying to cope with technology?s rapid rate of change and tremendous impact on global businesses. Most importantly, she stresses the need to manage change and how to respond to the very real needs of people who need help in adapting to new technology. Tech Trending is simply a must-read for any business manager." Kevin R. Fitzgerald, Editor-in-Chief/Associate Publisher, Supply Strategy "An extremely well written, easily understandable...
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