Обложка книги The ABC's of E-Strategy

The ABC's of E-Strategy

ISBN: 0972233814;
Издательство: WizBizWeb, LLC

Welcome to the new economy, or as many call it, the connected economy. Before you begin reading this guide, it?s important to emphasize that we are currently in transition between the traditional economy (the old economy) and the connected economy (the new economy). Expect a gradual convergence of the two economies rather than a fast transition. No one knows how long this transition may last?it could take one or two decades. So, the important thing to remember is that during this transitional period, you must plan for, and conduct your business in the two economies. Regardless of your idea, product, or service, if it has anything to do with e-commerce or e-business, you must first develop an e-strategy for the connected economy. Thepurpose of an e-strategy is to provide the audience with a top-level overview of your idea or concept. Moreover, an e-strategy should demonstrate the validity of a concept at its highest level before you begin developing a business...