Обложка книги Web Enable Your Small Business In a Weekend

Web Enable Your Small Business In a Weekend

ISBN: 0761529721;
Издательство: Premier Press

E-business and e-commerce have become essential to the survival of any corporation, large or small. More than ever, the need to have a Web presence is paramount to a successful business. Unfortunately, the potentially large cost of hiring an outside consultant to Web-enable business data has prevented many users from pursuing this important goal. Web Enable Your Small Business In a Weekend is a substitute for those high-priced consultants. It covers such topics as the concept of e-business and what it means to your small business, building your website framework with MS FrontPage 2000, designing a database with MS Access 2000, making your information come alive with Active Server Pages, integrating with your business data via the Web, finding an ISP,and posting your Web site. This book is perfect for those who wish to bring some component of their businesses to the Web, and want their sites to do more than static HTML.