Обложка книги Writing Business Plans That Get Results

Writing Business Plans That Get Results

ISBN: 0809240076; 9780809240074;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Trade
Страниц: 160

Writing Business Plans That Get Results shows you how to create a business plan that works. Packed with straightforward question-and-answer exercises for writing each section of your plan, this easy-to-use guide tells you: Exactly what to include in each section of your plan The most efficient ways to evaluate and present your company's products and services, marketing strategies, organizational structure, plans to achieve goals, competitors' strengths and weaknesses, and more How to expertly determine cash needs, appropriate financing sources, payback terms, and potential returns for investors Simple ways to make realistic projections for cash flow, profit and loss, and the balance sheet Since a business plan is used for many purposes--as a development tool, a management and planning guide, a mission statement, a sales document--and is read by several different audiences, author Michael O'Donnell teaches you how to: Tailor each part of...