Обложка книги Psychological Dimensions of Organizational Behavior, Third Edition

Psychological Dimensions of Organizational Behavior, Third Edition

ISBN: 0130406546; 5-94696-079-2;
Издательство: Prentice Hall

Book Description This comprehensive paperback book contains carefully chosen pieces that cover human behavior in organizations, from individual motivation to organizational processes. This anthology offers a broad mix of classic and recent articles; it covers emerging areas of interest such as business ethics and processes of creativity and change. This collection of readings is separated into four clearly defined dimensions: why and how we work; thinking and making decisions; interacting with others: social and group processes; and facing the future: creativity, innovation, and organizational leadership. An excellent resource for managers and other executives who need to know how to effectively lead their departments; this book provides the skills necessary for understanding the organization, and how power, influence, and interpersonal relations affect their businesses.