Обложка книги I Only Have ROIs for You

I Only Have ROIs for You

ISBN: 1587768275;
Издательство: Hudson House Publishing

Book DescriptionBusiness strategist Craig Settles doesn't give you all the answers. He gives you the right questions to ask so you find answers that best meet your business needs and objectives. His framework for brainstorming generates ideas for practical and affordable applications. A Web portal offers you additional on-going support for reaching your objectives. I Only Have ROIs for You is ideal for every executive and manager who wants to: - boost productivity and profitability; - streamline costs; - increase customer retention; - turn field service calls into sales opportunities; and - improve asset management This book benefits commercial, government and non-profit organizations of all sizes. You don't need a deep understanding of how the technology works; but you do need to understand how your people work. Once you build a good business case, experts can help you build or buy the right technology. Craig Settles walks your management team...