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H. E. Cook

Design For Six Sigma As Strategic Experimentation: Planning, Designing, And Building World-Class Products And Services

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ISBN: 0873896459
Издательство: ASQ Quality Press
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionDesign for Six Sigma as Strategic Experimentation develops a practical, science-based methodology for guiding the product realization process for highly-competitive markets. Forecasts of cash flow, market share, and price are used to select the final design from among the alternatives considered. A single formalism is used to integrate the tasks and responsibilities of marketing research, product planning, finance, design, engineering, and manufacturing within the overall product realization process. The targeted audiences for this book are graduate engineers, statisticians, and scientists who are or who soon will be involved in planning, designing, manufacturing, and servicing products for highly-competitive markets. Benefits: A CD-ROM includes MS Excel macros, SDWs, and templates, as well as 12 tutorials.
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