Обложка книги Best on Quality

Best on Quality

ISBN: 0873895401;
Издательство: ASQ Quality Press

The latest gem is written by many of the world's most highly respected quality management experts who are also members of the International Academy for Quality. Volume 13 will feature the selected works of Feigenbaum, Ishikawa and Walter Masing. Previously unpublished, Dr. Feigenbaum's message from the 2001 ASQ Annual Quality Congress will be included as well as some of his historic teachings. This book will also contain historical works by Dr. Ishikawa including, Quality Control Starts and Ends with Education, Quality Control in Japan, Quality and Standardization: Program for Economic Success, and more. Also included by Yoshio Kondo is, Kaoru Ishikawa: What He Thought and Achieved, A Basis for Further Research and 21st Century Philosophy: Quality Comes First. As a tribute to these three academicians life's work, bibliographical and biographical summaries of their efforts in the quality disciplines are included in this volume. Pick up this excellent desk reference today.