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Ifip Tc5, Wg5.7 International Conference on Advances in Production Mana, Harinder S. Jagdev, J. C. Wortmann, H. J. Pels

Collaborative Systems for Production Management: Ifip Tc5/Wg5.7 International Conference on Advanced Sic in Production Management Systems, September 8 ... Federation for Information Processing, ?257)

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ISBN: 1402075421
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
The business environment throughout the world is currently going through rapid and far-reaching change. Business managers are analysing their business processes and scrutinising ways to make their systems more streamlined and competitive in order to meetthe challenges posed by the global economy. Forming close alliances and integrating the operational processes with the key suppliers and customers is the mantra every one is embodying. Just as no man is an island, so no business can operate without being part of a network of businesses proactively collaborating and sharing information for mutual success. This book presents some of the latest thinking on collaborative systems by bringing together the works of leading experts who share their ideas on the state of the art research and development on Collaborative Systems for Production Management in the broadest sense. This book is composed of six parts, each focused on a specific theme: + Collaboration in Supply Chain Planning, +...