Обложка книги Competing on Quality and Environment

Competing on Quality and Environment

ISBN: 0967602319;
Издательство: Chi Publishers

This book integrates two important issues that are shaping the future of businesses: total quality management (TQM) and environmental management. It presents the practice of quality and sustainable environmental management from a competitive posture. It develops a position to suggest that business firms can achieve competitiveness by developing strategies that focus on quality and environmental management practices. It demonstrates that quality and environmental management are not distinct topics but areinterrelated, and adopting strategies to concurrently achieve them may lead to higher customer satisfaction. The book covers critical topics that the reader should be aware of in both areas. In the TQM field, topics covered include the evolution of TQM, management philosophies, quality function deployment, strategic quality planning and statistical quality control. In the environmental management field, topics covered include environmentally conscious manufacturing, sustainable...