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Kevin J. Duggan, Jeffrey K. Liker

Creating Mixed Model Value Streams: Practical Lean Techniques for Building to Demand

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ISBN: 1563272806
Издательство: Productivity Press Inc
Apply Lean Thinking to Dynamic, High-Mix Manufacturing CREATING MIXED MODEL VALUE STREAMS: Practical Lean Techniques for Building to Demand Kevin J. Duggan How can you apply value stream mapping and lean concepts to the more complex environment created by mixed model (high variety) manufacturing operations? CREATING MIXED MODEL VALUE STREAMS helps to address the challenges of high-mix manufacturing. Topics Covered Include: Mapping value streams in real-life manufacturing environments Developing future states that can respond to daily changes in customer demand Creating flow through the "pacemaker" process when products have different cycle times Setting up mixed model heijunka (load leveling) boxes that provide visual schedules at regular intervals Applying mix logic charts to determine finished-goods strategies and meet seasonal demand The author uses a step-by-step approach, illustrated through a case study based actual experience, to go...