Обложка книги No Boundaries: Break Through to Supply Chain Excellence

No Boundaries: Break Through to Supply Chain Excellence

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ISBN: 1930426046;
Издательство: Tompkins

Businesses must achieve Supply Chain Excellence to survive in today?s intensely competitive environment, but they cannot wish their way to success. In this book, leading Supply Chain consultant James A. Tompkins, Ph.D., explains the six stages that businesses and supply chains must pass through to achieve the pinnacle of success. The Six Levels of Supply Chain Excellence?from "Business as Usual" to "Velocity"?form a ladder that supply chains must climb to beat the competition. Here, Dr. Tompkins explains what characterizes each level, as well as the technology that is associated with each and prepares enterprises to move up to the next. As they move through the Six Levels, companies perfect their own operations, link with supply chain partners, and synthesize their supply chains to have No Boundaries and to focus on the only point that matters?the final customer. This volume, thoroughly updated from Dr. Tompkins? 2000 introduction to Supply Chain...