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Randy E. Devaul

Performance Safety: A Practical Approach

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ISBN: 1413701450
Издательство: Publishamerica
Performance Safety: A Practical Approach gives front-line supervisors and managers tools to successfully integrate safe performance into production processes, procedures, and employee practices. You need to read this book if you are responsible for employee performance; you need ideas to lower your injuries and worker compensation costs; you are ?raising the bar? of expectations for your people; your number of injuries has increased or reached a plateau; you need a simplified, easy-to-use process to enhance safe performance. Performance Safety: A Practical Approach will give you easy-to-read, jargon-free examples for increasing safe performance; ideas to help motivate your people to greater levels of performance; six key elements that must be part of your safety culture and process; the ?Triangle for Success? to help you successfully increase employee participation; and principles to improve your bottom line in performance, productivity, and profits.