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Ray W., P.E. Wilson, Paul Harsin

Process Mastering: How to Establish and Document the Best Known Way to Do a Job (Productivity's Shopfloor)

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ISBN: 0527763446
Издательство: Quality Resources.
Process Mastering offers a method to create a continuous improvement document - the "Process Master." This new quality tool documents all the facets of a process as they actually occur - steps, inputs, outputs, equipment, controls - utilizing the "untapped" process knowledge of your organization's workforce. It allows you to standardize a procedure, which then can be easily reviewed and improved. The benefits include cost reduction, increased productivity, improved safety, higher morale and the ability to meet the changing expectations of your customers. Step-by-step, the authors guide you through the creation and implementation of a process master. You will also learn how to: Identify and gain control your organization's key processes. Get the right people involved. Establish boundaries and measures. Use the process master to support ISO and HACCP compliance. Process Mastering contains two fully completed sample process masters as well as numerous improvement...