Обложка книги Quality Improvement:  A Systems Perspective

Quality Improvement: A Systems Perspective

ISBN: 1574442368;
Издательство: Saint Lucie Press

Quality improvement: it's an attractive concept on paper. So why do the vast majority of quality improvement efforts fail?William Roth knows from experience: as a Ph.D in systems theory, an ex-corporate manager, a professor-and the designer (with the AQP) of a national program to deliver training for quality credentials in the systems approach. His belief: enduring quality improvement is an "all or nothing" situation-requiring a systemic approach, with all the key components and integrations in place andfully integrated right from the start. Quality Improvement: A Systems Perspective explains the sometimes surprising historic roots of the quality improvement movement, and outlines the systems theory on which successful models must be built. Readers thengain access to the hands-on, nuts-and-bolts, how-to-get-it-done details of the five critical phases. Three case studies (two in industry, one in health care) support this traditional but currently shunned model.Along with his unique...