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Jack Blazejak, Jack Blazejak

Quality Resource Planning - How To Automate and Integrate Your Quality Management System

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ISBN: 0966491807
Издательство: Elemental Publications
The Age of Agile Manufacturing is rapidly approaching, and for some it's already here. Agile manufacturing promises much, and with lead times shrinking, rapid machine changeovers, JIT inventory policies, and the seamless flow of information taking place between vendors, manufacturers, and customers - the world of Agility delivers much. Products now reach the marketplace faster, productivity is rising, and flexibility is the applied rule for all manufacturing operations. Quality Resource Planning shows how to integrate a Quality Management System with other management information systems contained in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) model. The ERP model, with its focus on Agility, demands that a quality management system be designed to meet the needs of the rapid response environment. With Quality Resource Planning (QRP), learn how to use routine business events, like a purchasing receipt, to generate a quality control work requirements listing. With QRP learn how a shop...