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John J. Heldt

Quality Sampling and Reliability: New Uses for the Poisson Distribution

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ISBN: 1574442414
Издательство: Saint Lucie Press
As a mathematical model for determining the probable number of outcomes, the new Poisson Distribution tables have long been an easier tool to use for reliability analyses. Longtime quality professional, inventor, and consultant John J. Heldt now makes the Poisson Table even more useful-creating two new tables (available only in this book) with the Poisson terms rearranged for further ease of estimation.Quality Sampling and Reliability: New Uses for the Poisson Distribution simplifies the steps involved with reliability testing; Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) assessment; advantages and risks involved in reliability life testing; and an example of methodology for tracking the MTBF for products in the field.In addition to the tried-and-true Standard Poisson table, used to review conventional Poisson uses, Heldt's two variations yield these results: oEstimations of product Mean Time Between Failures (MTBFs), based on life tests-including the 90%, 80% or 60% envelop for any MTBFs that...
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