Обложка книги SPC Simplified: Practical Steps to Quality

SPC Simplified: Practical Steps to Quality

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ISBN: 0527763403;
Издательство: Quality Resources.

This best-seller is now newly updated to reflect the changing environment in manufacturing organizations - including the changing roles of operators or line workers, the use of cross-functional teams to solve problems and the shift away from quality control departments and toward total quality management systems. The formula that works so well for SPC Simplified has been untouched - it's still a hands-on manual with practice problems in each module. Written in clear language, it simplifies the essentials for monitoring, analyzing, and improving quality. No mathematical background is needed. You'll learn how to set up and use variable control charts and attribute control charts, and how to analyze frequency histograms, machine and process capability. New sections cover such problem-solving tools as checksheets, flow charts, and scatter diagrams. The final module examines how the tools of SPC are used in organizations committed to TQM and continuous improvement.

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