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W. Gary Wilson, Dennis R. Sasseville

Sustaining Environmental Management Success: Best Business Practices from Industry Leaders

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ISBN: 047124645X, 9780471246459
Издательство: Wiley
For business and environmental professionals looking to sort through the latest trends in environmental management systems. Sustaining Environmental Management Success is the essential guide to the latest practices and trends driving environmental management in business today. The authors, experts in this field, provide a thorough explanation of the many issues of environmental management, discussing its relationship to sustainability and value-based management. By offering real-world examples fromleading companies who are pushing the envelope on environmental management practices, this book clearly lays out ways for you and your company to find and sustain success with your own initiatives. The profiles woven throughout the book emphasize key concepts and applications, as well as provide measures for assessing performance. The book also covers such key topics as writing an environmental policy, identifying environmental aspects, integrating business goals with environmental...