Обложка книги The Quality Improvement Handbook

The Quality Improvement Handbook

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ISBN: 0873895290;
Издательство: ASQ Quality Press

Quality improvement is no longer of function of just management, and no longer only relevant in manufacturing industries. Truly world-class organizations implement improvement practices into every facet of the organization, involving every level of employee. By following even basic aspects of quality improvement, organizations can see process improvement, cost reduction, and increases in production. The authors of The Quality Improvement Handbook believe that for an organization to be successful, each employee must understand and utilize basic quality principles in their daily activities. The Quality Improvement Handbook provides a very thorough introduction to the fundamental concepts and theories of quality improvement, intended to both teach the quality beginner and refresh the experienced professional. The book was written with the belief that knowledge of quality basics, teamwork, and continuous improvement are essential tenets of any successful career. The...