Обложка книги Automotive Service Management: Operations Management (Automotive Service Management)

Automotive Service Management: Operations Management (Automotive Service Management)

ISBN: 1401826652;
Издательство: Thomson Delmar Learning

Book Description All aspects of shop management and the necessary business and customer service skills needed to make a repair operation successful are captured in this comprehensive new series. The key topics for successfully managing an automotive service facility ? personnel management, business management, and sales and marketing ? are thoroughly examined, with each individual book offering proven solutions for effectively tackling challenges faced by today?s professional automotive service managers. The result is a framework from which technicians can learn to make consistent, high quality, and productive automotive service a part of every day shop operations. The series creatively combines both education and training to illustrate the importanceof achieving operational excellence every time there is an opportunity to provide automotive service. This series is also a superb resource for those interested in Auto Service Management as their career path.