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Toshiki Naruse

Equalized & Synchronized Production: The High-Mix Manufacturing System That Moves Beyond Jit

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ISBN: 1563272520
Издательство: Productivity Press
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionEqualized and Synchronized Production The High-Mix Manufacturing System that Moves Beyond JIT Toshiki Naruse Just-in-Time happens at a different time for each of your customers. The difficult and costly task of meeting the individual production requirements for each customer could threaten your survival. In response to this Toshiki Naruse developed a new system called Equalized and Synchronized Production (ESP). ESP is a production management and manufacturing improvement system targeted for supplier companies or any company that deals with a variety of products as well as multiple customers. ESP enables suppliers to meet the requirements of their buyers' Just-In-Time (JIT) ordering systems through wide-variety, small-lot production, while also making their own production activities as efficient as possible. ESP complements each company's own production management functions, particularly the production scheduling and purchasing functions, in the way...
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