Обложка книги Service Line Success: Eight Essential Rules

Service Line Success: Eight Essential Rules

ISBN: 1567932177;
Издательство: Health Administration Press

Book DescriptionService line management is a prevalent and profitable strategy in the corporate world. How can you make this proven approach work for your healthcare organization? In Service Line Success, thought leader Preston Gee clarifies the service line management approach, and outlines how to apply the model within the unique constraints of the healthcare environment. A pioneer of service line strategy in healthcare, Gee provides insight and experience on using this model to meet new market demands-including the rise in specialty hospitals and physician centers. A step-by-step guide to service line success Gee provides eight essential rules to help you prioritize and organize the tasks involved in establishing the service line model. These steps will take you from defining the lines to assessing market position to developing appropriate business plans. Each progressive step helps you focus organization efforts on the service segments that are critical to long-term...

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