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Clifford Fiore

Accelerated Product Development: Combining Lean And Six Sigma For Peak Performance

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ISBN: 1563273101
Издательство: Productivity Press
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionIn today's business environment, a company's ability to provide products to the marketplace quickly and cheaply is the key to survival. The lifeblood of many companies rests in the product development processes that enable them to providea continual stream of new products that are better, cheaper, and reach the customer faster than the competition. In Accelerated Product Development: Combining Lean and Six Sigma for Peak Performance, Clifford Fiore provides the blueprint for implementing the key elements for improving the product development process. His innovative and powerful work represents the first book to couple the proven concepts of Lean and Six Sigma with the engineering processes of product development. His results, based on proven strategies and methodologies, enable companies to significantly reduce the time necessary to develop new products, dramatically reduce product cost, and improve product quality.