Обложка книги Innovative Relevance : Realigning the Organization for Profit

Innovative Relevance : Realigning the Organization for Profit

ISBN: 0595342469;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.

Book Description Corporate and investor needs for profits are being met with painful cost cutting and a blind adoption of outsourcing. Our organizations look for successes and advantages onshore, offshore and, in fact, ?anyshore.? We strugglefor change, success, and sustainability, but we persistently underestimate and misalign the resources, skills, and efforts needed. The changes based in the fundamentals of realignments and innovations have been lost, and as a result, so has our collective ability to sustain the initiatives. We?ve lost our innovative abilities. Innovative Relevance is not just about increases in productivity, loss of domestic jobs, cultural differences, cash flow, and most recently the certification ofour financial statements. It also addresses the focused utilization of multiple disciplines that are seldom practiced today?ethics, integrity, passion, and consistency. Innovative Relevance represents the pragmatic...

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