Обложка книги Six Sigma for Growth: Driving Profitable Top-Line Results

Six Sigma for Growth: Driving Profitable Top-Line Results

ISBN: 0470821337; 9780470821336;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Book DescriptionSix Sigma has had a substantial impact on the way many businesses are run today. Companies that adopt Six Sigma send a strong message to their customers and shareholders that they are committed to delivering the highest quality product and service at competitive prices. Such companies commit people, time and resources to looking at the issues of the business with the view of developing long term, sustainable improvements. It is this level of commitment combined with a rigorous improvementmethodology and the focus on customers that distinguishes Six Sigma from other improvement initiatives. Over the years, Six Sigma has become commonplace in a variety of industries both operational and service oriented in nature. This has been in response to the intensely competitive environment that most businesses today operate in. This book provides a framework on how companies can apply Six Sigma methodologies to where it can make the biggest difference, to drive growth. The...