Обложка книги Tpm: Collected Practices And Cases (Insights on Implementation)

Tpm: Collected Practices And Cases (Insights on Implementation)

ISBN: 1563273284;
Издательство: Productivity Press; 12th edition
Страниц: 132

Equipment downtime can bring a lean manufacturing operation to a complete standstill. Total productive maintenance (TPM) is such a fundamental part of becoming lean because a machine failure at one step of a continuous flow process will halt all the steps before and after it. Strategies aimed at eliminating downtime are essential in any operation in which the processes require the use of complex machinery and equipment. TPM: Collected Practices and Cases provides a variety of case studiestaken from articles previously published in Lean Manufacturer Advisor: the monthly newsletter by Productivity Press. Highlights include: Practical, in-depth description of TPM issues in a lean transformation, written in a conversational, easy-to-read style and have not been described in other publications. A large quantity of case studies unavailable from any other single source. Real-world information about the practical issues of TPM implementations. Articles categorized in three areas --...

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