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G. R. Caravantes

Magic and Management: Developing Executive Potentials

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ISBN: 0595271049
Издательство: Writers Club Press
Год издания: 2003
Book Description Whereas many recommend a paradigm change in order to cope with modern complexities, Caravantes and Bjur urge executives not to change their operating paradigms, but rather to become paradigm competent, that is, knowledgeable and competent in several ways of understanding and analyzing the working world. Four major paradigms are described: positive science, quantum physics, oriental mysticism, and existentialism. The authors recognize that executives often are obligated to make important choices despite insufficient data and the inability to predict future outcomes. Hunches that one action is to be preferred over others are examples of high-level managers making use of more-than-rational intuitions A? defined as knowingwithout knowing how you know. The authors think of this as a kind of subconscious A?magicA? not taught or developed in the curricula of schools of management, where the emphasis is on technical rationality and...
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