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Bob Pike, Christopher Busse

101 More Games for Trainers: Another Collection of the Best Activities from Creative Training Techniques Newsletter

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ISBN: 0943210445
Издательство: Human Resource Development Pr
Страниц: 118
"101 More Games for Trainers" is your sourcebook for accomplishing that goal. In it, you'll find dozens of games, exercises, and activities specifically designed to... Develop communication skills. Promote teamwork. Break the ice and grab participants' attention. Bring a weary group back to life. Lead an audience through a spirited, comprehensive review session. Address the special concerns of certain topical courses, including orientation training, diversity training, customer service training, sales training, and more. You'll be able to administer all these activities in very little time at very little cost. And since they represent the very best of the tactics tried by trainers just like you in corporate classrooms, you know these activities are sure to be a hit. "101 More Games for Trainers" is one in a series of books, all based on the thousands of tips collected by renowned trainer Bob Pike and...
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