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Bob Pike, Lynn Solem

50 Creative Training Closers : Innovative Ways to End Your Training with IMPACT!

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ISBN: 0787939714
Издательство: Pfeiffer
Go out with a BANG! They'll forget you as soon as you walk out the door . . . unless you make your training memorable. This essential resource is your way to make your mark. Fifty ways to close your training sessions and presentations so they won't forget you--or your training. Each activity lists the necessary time and equipment, a suggested group size, and an intended purpose. You'll have no problem finding a closer that's just right for your needs. You'll get activities great for: Making action plans Reviewing material Celebrating success Motivating participants . . . and more! Solem and Pike show you all the essentials, and preparation is quick and easy. This book is training dynamite:make it your secret weapon today!
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