Обложка книги 50 Creative Training Openers and Energizers

50 Creative Training Openers and Energizers


ISBN: 0787953032;
Издательство: Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer
Страниц: 164

Open your next training session with a BANG! Choose from these fifty fun, interactive, engaging openers and energizers and the eleven bonus activities to get your participants in the mood to learn! Are your participants showing up your sessions with their minds back at the office? With their heads already "full" of the details and responsibilities of their jobs? They may even view your training session as more of an interruption than an opportunity to learn. How do you get their attention? One of the hardest tasks you'll face as a trainer is pulling participants' thoughts away their daily duties long enough to engage them in your training. According to training master Bob Pike, two of the most important learning concepts are "primacy" and "recency." People don't remember middles, they remember beginnings (primacy) and ends (recency). That's why, if you want your training to be a success, you have to grab their attention as soon as they walk in the door. ...

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