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Bottom-Line Training: How to Design and Implement Successful Programs That Boost Profits (Improving Human Performance Series)

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ISBN: 0884152111
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann
'Bottom-Line Training' gives you the crucial information you'll need to produce bottom-line results with your training and development program. This book provides you with the tools to train employees thoroughly and effectively so they can significantly contribute to your company's success. Today, training and development programs must prove their worth and 'Bottom-Line Training' guides you step by step through the design and implementation process. It clearly shows you how to: * analyze the true needs of your clients * design training programs that are tailored for your company's needs * develop the program, determining the best style of training for your audience * implement the program, using the most appropriate delivery techniques * evaluate the results for both the trainees and the business 'Bottom-Line Training' will help you boost your company's own bottom line with successful training and development programs that will increase your...