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Deborah A. Schreiber, Zane L. Berge

Distance Training : How Innovative Organizations are Using Technology to Maximize Learning and Meet Business Objectives

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ISBN: 0787943134
Издательство: Jossey-Bass
Winner of the University Continuing Education Association's Charles A. Wedemeyer Award, which recognizes highly meritorious book-length publications that advance research in independent study and distance education. "This manual is the one we have been waiting for! It takes dead aim at all the important issues facing distance learning providers and hits the bull's eye on every one of them. It is down to earth, real world, and up to date. Its examples and insights for practitioners help create the sense of urgency and excitement all of us in distance learning feel today."--Michael P. Lambert, executive director, Distance Education and Training Council Today's advances in communications technology have created exciting new possibilities for training professionals. But not all technologies are created equal. Distance Training examines these new tools to show how compressed video, satellite broadcasting, the Internet, and other innovations can each be used to their best...
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