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American Society for Training and Develo, American Society for Training

Info-Line Guide to Training Evaluation.: An Info-Line Collection (Info-Line Collection)

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ISBN: 1562861174
Издательство: American Society for Training & Development
You'll find everything you need to know about training evaluation, summed up into manageable morsels. Each issue in this collection focuses on a specific element involved with training evaluation, allowing you to build your skill level from a basic understanding of evaluation to an exact expectation. Starting with the fundamentals, you'll make your way through all the levels of evaluation, including return on investment, how to collect data, and conduct testing to achieve those all important learning results. This one-stop reference source covers - Essentials for Evaluation - Level 1 Evaluation: Reaction and Planned Action - Level 2 Evaluation: Learning - Level 3 Evaluation: Application - Level 4 Evaluation: Business Results - Level 5 Evaluation: Return-on-Investment - Evaluating Technical Training: A Functional Approach - How to collect Data - Testing for Learning Outcomes - Surveys from Start to Finish
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