Обложка книги Intervention Resource Guide : 50 Performance Improvement Tools

Intervention Resource Guide : 50 Performance Improvement Tools

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ISBN: 0787944017; 9780787944018;
Издательство: Pfeiffer

Your performance improvement toolbox! You want to be able to: Increase your awareness of various performance improvement options Propose an intervention or a series of interventions to eliminate a performance gap Select interventions systematically Learn how to implement interventions more effectively . . . and more! Here's your toolbox. Interventions are the tools that you can use to effect changes in performance. While many other resources have identified the importance of interventions as performance tools, and some resources have even singled out select interventions that might be used to drive improvement at an organization, no other resource has offered you so many interventions. How would a 360-degree-feedback program improve your organization? How could you design communication, leadership, and mentoring programs? When should you improve your compensation systems and employee orientations? How could you maximize the...