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Afshine A. Emrani, Hosgood, Kerwin, Hawkes, Press, Werner, Perkins, Steven Emanuel

Principles and Practices of Electrical Epilation

Обложка книги Principles and Practices of Electrical Epilation

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ISBN: 0750652268, 9780750652261
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 232
Written for the practising electrolysist and student 'The Principles and Practice of Electrical Epilation' covers all aspects of electro-epilation and takes into account recent changes and advances in training and technology during the past decade. This new edition brings these changes into focus. Topics covered in the third edition of this book include: * improved standards of training * the Blend technique of electro-epilation * the development of pre-sterilized disposable needles * training * health and safety at work. A knowledge of endocrinology, the structure and growth cycle of hair, the skin, hygiene, electricity and basic first aid is essential to an understanding of why hair growth occurs, and this problem- which causes distress to very many people - can be treated both safely and efficiently. The book covers all these topics, and also gives advance on how to set up your own practice. Completely revised and updated Hugely...
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