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Michael G. Austin

Results-Based Development: A Collaborative Approach That Anchors Development to Your Bottom Line

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ISBN: 0972832300
Издательство: Training & Performance Solutions
This book breaks new ground regarding organizational development providing a road map for business leaders to achieve ROI targets related to training & development. It uses three symbols, a water treatment plant, a relay race, and an anchor chain to metaphorically represent how businesses change and grow. The discussions regarding handoffs between the various stakeholders involved with development provide insights into the complexity of human performance that stretches beyond the boundaries of Performance-Based Training methodologies. Each chapter follows a consistent format starting with a discussion of new elements of the Results-Based Development (RBD) process. Case studies are used to demonstrate relevance of the material discussed and to furtherillustrate key messages. At the end of each chapter is a list of symptoms that emerge when elements of RBD are overlooked or are being implemented ineffectively. That allows you to conduct a high-level assessment of your development...