Обложка книги The Big Book of Customer Service Training Games

The Big Book of Customer Service Training Games


ISBN: 0-07-077974-0; 9780070779747;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Companies
Страниц: 224

Because they're out there dealing with the public, frontline workers such as customer service representatives, salespeople, and technicians have the capacity to make a company look very bad... or very good. With the help of this creative collection of training games, you can be sure that your employees can be counted on to give your company a good reputation-employees who... Know how to create a rapport with the customer or client; Recognize and respond to the needs of every customer; Go beyond the expected; Bring enthusiasm and a love of what they do to the job. These easy-to-use games take just 15-30 minutes and include reproducible handouts and worksheets. You can use them either to enliven traditional customer service training programs or to add a training component to a regular staff meeting. Customer service training games will help your frontline service workers keep a positive attitude at all times; speak and communicate clearly, both on the...

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