Обложка книги The Good News About Careers

The Good News About Careers

ISBN: 0787952699; 9780787952693;
Издательство: Jossey-Bass
Страниц: 256

Devoid of real job security, today's working environment can be a scary place. But the good news is that, with its emphasis on freedom and flexibility, the new economy also provides individuals with incredible opportunities for self-experimentation and expansion into different roles. In this powerfully candid work, acclaimed career counselor Barbara Moses shows individuals and managers how they can profit from future work trends. She offers professionals clear advice on how to maintain self-authenticity in a shifting career landscape-how to work for "Me, Inc."--and gives managers concrete suggestions for leading the organizations of today and tomorrow. It's a solid guide that offers inspiration and sound ideas for finding liberation, satisfaction, and success in an uncertain world.

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