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Max Ammerman

The Root Cause Analysis Handbook: A Simplified Approach to Identifying, Correcting, and Reporting Workplace Errors

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ISBN: 0527763268
Издательство: Quality Resources.
An accident has occurred on the floor of your plant. How do you determine what caused it so you can prevent it from happening again? Or what if there has been an error in the production line that has led to the manufacture of defective products? What do you do? The answer is root cause analysis, a process that allows you to find the cause of single events/problems in the workplace. The Root Cause Analysis Handbook presents a walk-through example that illustrates the method and shows how to implement it. Because poor initial problem definition can (and often does) undermine the problem-solving process, Ammerman places special emphasis on this area to build a solid foundation for effective analysis. He also provides guidance on preparing the final report. The need for clear documentation on dealing with problems makes this book especially valuable for quality managers, engineers, safety managers, and teams implementing the ISO or QS standards. Written in a simple,...
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