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Robert W. Skarlinski

The Sheltered Workshop Employment Readiness Guide: Work Trainer Edition

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ISBN: 1585320021
Издательство: Basic Educational Materials Pub
The Sheltered Workshop Employment Readiness Guide is designed to provide a realistic occupational curriculum for meeting the work skills, work attitudes, and employment readiness skills needed by adult clients in a sheltered workshop. Chapters of instruction include: Workshop Safety - Work Skills and Attitudes - How To Earn A Living - Workshop Tools and Equipment - Careers and Occupations - Personal Job Application Information. Each chapter includes a vocabulary word list and instructional exercises. The Sheltered Workshop Employment Readiness Guide is designed so that the skills and concepts are easily understood and the corresponding activities are completed at the mastery level of learning. The Work Skills Trainer Edition is boundfor durability and the Adult Client Workbook is ready for duplication. A MUST for training developmentally disabled adults for success in a sheltered workshop setting !
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