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Vivette Payne

The Team-Building Workshop

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ISBN: 0814470793
Издательство: American Management Association
Of all the challenges faced by organizations today, team-building ranks as one of the biggest--and most critical. With organizations increasingly dependent on high-performance teams for virtually every imaginable activity, teamwork has become a major business strategy--and getting teams to work an absolute necessity. THE TEAM-BUILDING WORKSHOP was written specifically to help readers design and lead a two-day team-building workshop that achieves measurable results. Using the six-step team-building process and wealth of ready-to-use training materials, readers will be able to: * Recognize when team building is the right solution * Generate true commitment to team building * Handle resistance to team building * Accurately assess the team's needs * Cure dysfunctional teams, resolve team conflict, and rebuild team trust * Use team building to improve productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction.
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