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Jim Vidakovich

Trainers in Motion: Creating a Participant-Centered Learning Experience

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ISBN: 0814405215
Издательство: American Management Association
What can trainers learn from "Sesame Street"? Apparently quite a lot. Like how to make trainees turn on--not tune out--to learning by injecting training sessions with energy and excitement. TRAINERS IN MOTION is a lively new book that offers a training approach inspired by the success of "Sesame Street" and other children's educational programming. Centered around the idea of "edutainment" (which says people learn better by doing), this book emphasizes interactive learning and shows readers how to: * Apply the principles of edutainment to workshops for adults * Create a stimulating learning environment * Engage the imagination and creative side of trainees * Make the training experience more exciting, involving, and productive for both learner and trainer. Perhaps best of all, the training techniques in TRAINERS IN MOTION work in any training environment, with any topic, and with any type of person.