Обложка книги Working Together : 55 Team Games

Working Together : 55 Team Games

ISBN: 078790354X; 9780787903541;
Издательство: Pfeiffer
Страниц: 208

Strengthen team bonds with friAndly competition Take your team to a higher level of performance with a healthy dose of competition. These stimulating activities provide lessons in determination, teamwork, and planning-all critical elements inachieving high performance. Each game includes everything you need to conduct the activity, including instructions, materials required, time required, and reproducible worksheets or material templates. Each is categorized into one of these topics: change, communication, conflict resolution, data analysis, decision making, leadership, perception, problem solving, strategic planning, and time pressure. These simple games will help you: Encourage members to cooperate and use all members' abilities Motivate individuals to maximize their contribution Demonstrate the benefits of cooperative competition Prepare your team to meet future challenges Emphasize teamwork as a means to a solution over winning ...

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