Обложка книги Beyond Free Coffee & Donuts

Beyond Free Coffee & Donuts

ISBN: 1562863169;
Издательство: ASTD

Book DescriptionLearn fundamental marketing principles that you can use to sell anything from a training workshop to your department?s value as a whole. Written by a training expert, Sophie Oberstein, and a marketing expert, Jan Alleman, this book gives you all the tips and techniques you need to properly market your training products to appropriate and motivated learners as well as senior managers who actually buy into and promote your initiatives. Beyond Free Coffee & Donuts: Marketing Training and Development helps readers to embrace their roles as training marketers as well as to create marketing campaigns that work. Here is what using the basic principles in this book will mean for you and your organization: Uncover what prompts people, organizations and buyers to invest in development. Learn tips and tools to create a successful marketing campaign. Use examples of four blended marketing campaigns as a basis for your own campaign. Evaluate your...