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Joyce Carol Oates

Barbara Taylor Bradford

Jonathan Franzen
The Lamberts - Enid and Alfred and their three grown-up

Sheldon Sidney
This is Sidney Sheldon's gripping third novel, repackag…

Simons Paullina
Tully Makker is a tough young woman who forms an enduri

Chabon Michael
Brilliant novel by the much-acclaimed Michael Chabon, a

Simons Paullina
When beautiful, star basketball player Kristina Kim is

Weisberger Lauren
The in-crowd wears Gucci but one girl wears her heart o…

Annie Proulx
Quoyle is a hapless, hopeless journalist living and wor…

Sydney Sheldon
The psychiatrist's couch holds many secrets. Can it als…

Paullina Simons
A novel of the enduring power of love and commitment -
In the early post-war years, Doris Lessing left her nat…